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About us

4 Tiki Camp inside Large bell tent

Glamping & Tiki Camp

Glamping means glamorous camping. And although that is what we offer; beautiful accommodations with style and comfort, Tiki Camp is much more than that. It’s a playful place with a lot of personality and built on our personal values.

We (Nicki & Tirza) moved to our Danish island farm house in spring 2018 from Amsterdam, after a long search all over Europe for the perfect, peaceful spot where everything we love comes together: nature, animals, camping, island vibes, style and good people. With our planet and all that is living on it at heart.

The Tiki Camp concept developed over time, inspired by the surroundings and our own experiences both while travelling in the past as here on the farm. With Tiki Camp, we’re hoping to share a moment in time without time. To do whatever you feel like doing, to take a step back from online connections and to connect with nature and each other instead. Feeling comfortable and free is a big part of our camp. Play around!

This place will continue to develop, growing just like us. We hope to become fully self-sufficient, green and sustainable over time.

Tiki Sanctuary

Tiki Camp is animal friendly, our animals are all rescued and here to live a happy life with us. So no, they are not food ;).

Currently, our animal family consist of nine free range chickens, a flock of sheep with Timmeh, Derek, Bebob, Rocksteady, Franklin and Gandalf, a hanging belly mini pig family with Queen Latifah, Rudy and Freddie, 2 farm dogs named Peanut and Lucy, and 2 cheeky cats – Ollie and Molly. During the spring and summer Tiki Farm turns into a wildlife paradise and we are surrounded by a huge number of birds, butterflies, bees, rabbits and deer.

We make sure our animals have regular check-ups by a vet and are well fed with organic animal food supplemented with our own organic kitchen scraps and veggies from the garden. This also means a large expense, especially when an animal needs extra veterinary care. We therefore offer an opportunity to support Tiki Sanctuary by donating any amount you find suited, there’s a donation box in the Tiki shop. We hope that with that, we can help more animals in the future.


Eco Tiki

At Tiki Camp we grow food and make responsible and sustainable choices as much as we can. 

Buildings and accommodations: all wooden structures are built with recycled material as much as possible. The tents are thick organic canvas treated to make them waterproof and long lasting in a wet climate. Inside our accommodations you will find all bedding is 100% organic and fairtrade by Cocoon Company.

We use all natural products in the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as for cleaning.

Electricity and water

Electricity is local wind energy sourced from a windmill in a town closeby on the island. We have solar panels to produce the power for everything we need in summer.

Water is locally sourced ground water by the kommune. We use collected rainwater for the garden.

Feel free to dispose of water (for example the water you cooked veggies in) in the garden, it contains nutrients that the veggies will love!

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We believe the key to a better world is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Using no more than our fair share of the planet’s resources. We’re not there yet, but it’s something we are working hard on to achieve step by step. By booking with us, you are expected to respect these values and live by them during your stay.

Above all, we try to only use what we really need and always be aware of the journey and energy it takes to produce and distribute. We make sure not to waste anything, and reuse whatever we can for building, composting and crafts.

Help us to reduce waste to a minimum, and recycle any necessary rubbish in the bins provided.

Small hobby farm

Our happy chickens are free ranging on the property, feel free to interact with them, they are sociable creatures! Our sheep are sheered once a year in spring, we use the wool for insulation or other projects. All animals you see are rescues and live a carefree life with us.

Do you feel like learning more about growing food or making other conscious choices? Ask us for a little tour around the garden or information about the products we like.